Meet the judges:

Dave Arbetter

Arbetter Hot Dogs

My Dad would wake up every morning at five and drive downtown to buy the fresh vegetables, hot dogs, buns, and anything else he would need in order to serve people at his beloved restaurant, Arbetter Hot Dogs. It was a dream of his to open a hot dog stand ever since his father, Doctor Joseph Arbetter, used to take him after school, in Saugus, Massachusetts, to watch the Boston Red Sox play at Fenway Park. They would always stop on the way, at the venerable, “Joe & Nemo’s” hot dog stand right down the road from Fenway. “Joe &Nemo’s” was almost as legendary as Ted Williams, my Dad’s favorite player. It was established in 1909. He loved the simplicity of the place. He was amazed at how everyone seemed to know each other and how the steam rose out of the steam tables when they grabbed the soft, hot buns, in order to combine them with the boiled hot dogs. My Dad’s favorite dog to order at “Joe & Nemo’s” was the “all-around”. That was a hot dog topped with fresh mustard, onion, and relish. Back then, in Boston, they would hide the relish under the dog. Of course, years later, at Arbetter’s in Miami, you could order it that way if you said, “Bob, gimme an all-around Joe & Nemo’s style.”  In any case, my Dad’s life-long ambition was to run a successful hot dog restaurant.

Arbetter Hot Dogs was born out of the love of making people happy. My parents loved to serve great, fresh food. They also loved people. My parents always told us to work hard, be honest, and treat your customers like gold. Those three principles are the foundation upon which Arbetter’s was built. This business has been in our family for over fifty-seven years. We are proud of that.

Arbetter’s is all about family. We are a family run enterprise. We have my sister Jill, my nephews, Andrew and Casey, my wife Patty, my son’s Lil’ Dave, Austin and Charles. Our extended family includes Celeste, Jeremy, Joe, Ernie, John and  Cousin Toltz. Together, we plan on working hard, loving our customers, and serving great fresh food. Our goal is to have one hundred thriving Arbetter’s restaurants open around our incredible country over the next five years.

Fernando Orms

Managing Partner, Seasons 52, Coral Gables

Fernando Orms was born in Lima, Peru but has lived in Miami most of his life. He attended Duke University where he graduated with a degree in mathematics. Later he studied at the University of Florida where he attained a degree in industrial engineering. It was, however, during his college years that Fernando fell in love with the hospitality industry – as he worked in restaurants to pay for his school. The end result has been a 30-year career in the hospitality industry culminating in his Managing Partner position at Seasons 52. Besides his culinary experience, he is a certified Level 1 Sommelier. He has been at Seasons 52 Coral Gables for over 5 years, and has a true passion for the food he serves and the guests he takes care of. His hobbies include tennis, travel, and of course cooking.

Blanca Cabrera

Founder Sergio’s Restaurants

Blanca Cabrera is the Founder of Sergio’s Restaurants located in South Florida. Her family fled Communist Cuba in 1969 and settled in Miami .

Sergio’s started as a sandwich shop with just ten employees and now after 30 years has grown to over 650 employees.  Sergio’s serves authentic Cuban food inspired by today’s culinary ideas to bring the best of two worlds.  Always using fresh ingredients and treating every customer like family.

Blanca has twin sons Luis and Carlos and is a Grandmother of four.

Blanca has passed the presidency to Carlos,  which has freed up her time for other endeavors. She presently serves as a Director on The National restaurant Association Board.